If you had the chance to change the past, what’s the story you would tell?

Join us on a journey through time in the first official Playful Time Machines counterjam!

Who can sign up?
Anyone! As long as you are interested in creating games, feel welcome to join this event. There will be some experts guiding the whole process. So whether you already have game developer skills or are just starting out, we welcome everyone.

What kind of games can I create?
It’s completely up to you, the game is your oyster! Feel free to explore formats such as hypertext games, digital games, RPG’s or tabletop game entries.

When is this happening?
The 3-day game jam will take place on June 5th-7th in Leiden.

Can I still join if I can’t come to Leiden?
Absolutely! We are not only welcoming people in person at Leiden, we are also encouraging people to join the jam online.