Past at Play-Lab

The Past-at-Play Lab is an experimental playspace in which you can join us, researchers and students from Leiden University, to play with and learn about the past and how we relate to it in the present.
We do this by playing and discussing both ancient games from the past and games from the present about the past.

Streaming the Past

Geekhood and nerdery united into a wonderful, history-infused hodgepodge of enthusiasm and puns, generally. Streaming the Past hosts a variety of history-infused games and experts as passionate about playing as they are about sharing knowledge about the past. Run by the VALUE Foundation.

Interactive Pasts

Interactive Pasts is a passion project by the VALUE Foundation that focuses on playfully exploring the myriad of ways in which the past and video games are connected. You can find research around games, game reviews, bulletins, and blogs on the website.