Hello there fellow time traveler! We’re thrilled to tell you more about our PlayTime Twitch streams.

In these streams, we will ask the BIG questions about play and games, such as “What is your most cherished in-game item?”, “What is the best trip you have ever had in a game?” or “What is your favourite house-rule?”

Together with you, we may even come up with some great answers to these great questions of our playtime! So, join the chat or send us your answers before the stream using the form below.

Check the schedule for the upcoming weeks below, including games and suggested reading below.

We hope to see you every other Friday at 15:00 CE(S)T live on Twitch for some PlayTime!

15 DecemberQuestion: What is the loveliest winter wonderland you’ve ever played in?
Game: Batman: Arkham Origins.
Suggested Reading: To be announced.
1 DecemberQuestion: What is a time you cheated in a game you are now ready to talk about?
Game: Sims 3.
Suggested Reading: Consalvo (2007). Cheating: Gaining Advantage in Videogames.
17 NovemberQuestion: What is your favourite fan-theory (or own theory) of a game?
Game: Batman: Life is Strange.
Suggested Reading: Keogh (2023). The Videogame Industry Does Not Exist. Chapter 7.
3 NovemberQuestion: What’s a game you won’t play after dark?
Game: Devil in Me.
Suggested reading:
20 OctoberStream was canceled.
6 OctoberQuestion: What is your favorite “house rule”?
Game: Pesten (card game).
Suggested Reading: Sutton-Smith (1997). The Ambiguity of Play. Chapter 1.
22 SeptemberQuestion: What is your most cherished in-game item?
Game: Baldur’s Gate III
Suggested reading: Begley (2012). Objects of Realism: Bertolt Brecht, Roland Barthes, and Marsha Norman.