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The question this time is: What is your favourite easter egg in a game? We first set the stage with some tales of Rome, a certain chapter finally making it to submission and Angus’ new-found love for Medieval clothes. Then we move on to easter eggs in games and find out that not all of us even remember finding one. Angus at least manages to entertain the masses by talking about an easter egg he found in his younger years while he was cheating and the game called him out for it. 

This weeks reading “Easter Eggs in Digital Games as a Form of Textual Transcendence” by Mago (2019) leads us to a discussion around the very nature of easter eggs. Do you need to be surprised by them? Is just a reference already an easter egg? Does that mean that every game set in the past is itself one big easter egg? After these philosophical questions, Keerthi and Corine show the Playtime farm on Stardew Valley to Angus. We are hunting for easter eggs in this game as well, and it turns out… it has quite a number! 

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