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This week in playtime is all about getting sidetracked (or not) as we discuss the phenomenon of sidequests! While there are way too many to pick from, we linger a bit longer on Keerthi’s favourite dating sim: Stardew Valley and listen to tales of traumatic encounters in the Whitcher III (did you put the baby in the oven?)

We also discuss the text ‘Ludic Narratology: Creating a Theory of Structure in Choice-Based Video Game Narratives’ by Wilson (2016). The chapter calls to incorporate other game elements in an analysis than just the story of a main quest. This led to us discussing textuality and narrative structure and taking that perspective to consider sidequests from all sides. Main narratives, side quests and emergent narratives seem tricky things that are all closely connected in one network. Then, the time is there to boot up the new Stardew Valley update (in which one can drink mayonnaise). We work together to build the very foundation of what one day will be a grand farm.

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