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For this PlayTime stream, we talked about something most of us do at some point when playing games: Laughing. After sharing our what’s-new-with-us, filled with talk about model-boats, NS failures, falling, and rants about a new game, we move on to the questions at hand. The answers mention the creation of hilarious shirts in Tee K.O. (and created some ourselves later on!), funny backstories in DnD, laughing at others while they fail in Mario Kart, and we discover a major trend in what makes Angus laugh.

This universal phenomenon does not always receive the attention it perhaps should, as the article by Henning Eichbert (2007) states. We discuss the various ways in which people laugh and the reasons behind laughing. We ponder whether laughing in games and in sports is changing over time, perhaps also reflected in video games and esports. If you missed the stream, check out the highlight video below!

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