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Open your ears! Because last week’s stream asked the question: What video game music will you never forget? We shared some absolute bangers with you, but you also shared a bunch of masterpieces with us. 

This stream began with some tales of exciting adventures in Japan and an important travel lesson learned by Angus and Aris. After that, as we do every stream, we asked a question to you and ourselves, laying out the theme of our discussion. To give it some academic grounding, we read ‘Texturing and the Aesthetics of Immersion’, a chapter by Tim Summers in the book Understanding Videogame Music. The text demonstrates how much development music in games has gone through, the role it plays in communicating information to the player, and the importance of music and sound in games overall. To continue listening to enchanting tunes, we played A Highland Song, the beautiful new game by Inkle. We wandered through the magnificent world, while Angus recounted the very first time he went spelunking. Curious about our stream? Watch the highlight video below! 

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